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"There is no greater feeling than building a clients' confidence and self esteem' 

Sometimes I feel like Im holding a magic wand rather than a Tattooing tool"

Sue    Lamont.

My Background

I qualified as a Beauty Therapist in England, specialising in  Permanent Hair Removal using electrolysis and diathermy.  My experience is wide and varied as many client referrals came from General Practitioners.  Their patients experienced excess facial and body hair and  IPL wasn't suitable.  I was able to offering another solution, giving me a great sense of achievement.  There is no greater feeling than building a clients confidence  and self esteem.


I am  Qualified Cosmetic Tattooist by a Registered Training Organisation in Perth. I  attended classes to update my skills and learn of new products. This enables me to give the best service to my clients.


including MICROBLADING/FEATHER BROW- using a hand tool;

*SEMI -  PERMANENT MAKE-UP. Eyeliner, Lip Liner and POWDER  BROWS. This technique uses a pen and very fine needle. 

I have  an excellent knowledge of the skin, having worked for many years with  Health Care Professionals In Skin Integrity, Psoriasis and Wound Care. 

I am able to perform your procedure using the highest quality products- Tina Davies* and Perm-a- blend*, along with the very effective pain preventing topical gels and disposable tools.

I have received 100% client satisfaction reviews.

I am lucky to posses a very steady hand and an artist talent, with a personal interest in life drawing.  I am an active member of art and life drawing classes. This talent helps me to artistically enhance your features, ensuring the best outcome for you.


 With my experience and talents combined with a passion for  Customer Service, excellent listening and communication skills I can  ensure you have a  completely professional, artistic and personal  experience.