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Woman with Brow Brush


Attention to Detail

A professional, personal and artistic approach to gain your perfect brow.
You Can't Just Trust ANYONE with your Face

Permanent Eyebrows


Expert Service

SUEPERB Cosmetic Tattooing and Microblading, you will have a full range of Cosmetic Tattooing options.
Come and discuss them with me.


Feather Touch Brow.                              2.5 hours
Using the Microblading technique  to add hairlike strokes for a natural style                                                            $350.00
This includes the essential 4-6 week follow up appointment
Using the Pen Method for a dramatic look which suits
oilier skin, if you wear makeup, lash extensions, regularly attend the gym or want a  more impactful  design.
This includes the essential 4-6 week follow up appointment.

POWDER BROW.                                   2.5 hours

COMBINATION BROW                             2.5 hours

As the name suggests, this offers you a combination of shading and hair strokes


Includes the essential 4-6 week follow up appointment


                                                             From $ 100.

The expected life span of a brow is approximately 18 months. There are various factors governing the longevity which we will discuss on your consultation.


1.5 -2.5 hours.
Lower Lid $150   Upper Lid $200
Both Lids  $300

  This adds definition to your eye. You can choose to have both lids or just one. A follow up            appointment is always necessary.


LIP                                                              2.5 hours.


There are now many colours to choose from. Light feminine pinks, warm corals and vibrant reds are just some of the choices available to you. 

This includes the 4-6 week  follow up appointment. 



Additional top ups my be required

from $200.