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 Why do we have eyebrows?

On a purely practical note, eyebrows protect our eyes. By preventing sweat from travelling into the eye ball, causing the unpleasant stinging from the contents of our sweat. The eyebrow hair also has a cushioning effect from any physical impact which could reduce trauma to the delicate eye area.

Physical Attraction.

It’s all about our ability to attract others. A healthy demeanour signifies and healthy person. Subtle changes in our appearance and facial expressions can subconsciously alert people to determine our character. Presenting ourselves as a fashionable, well-groomed individual can only have a positive effect on others and our own self esteem. 

What role do hormones play?

Our bodies are governed by hormones. With physical appearances- in this case hair, the dominant male hormone, testosterone, stimulates hair growth whilst the female hormones- oestrogen and progesterone, give us our texture and colour. The levels and balance of these hormones change at different stages of our life.

Why the change in my brows?

As you know, we are a slave to our hormones…When in perfect balance, the sex hormones add to our virility. During puberty, everything is stimulated! Our hair looks luxurious and it may even need taming to achieve the desired look.

Pregnancy stimulates our female hormone further, especially hair growth. Ladies, our full glossy locks were there to keep our men interested whilst we carried their babies! Following birth, the extra hair falls out. This is true of any part of our bodies including eyebrows.

As our years advance, our female hormones decline and by default, the male hormones become more dominant. This results in a change to the colour, texture and feel of our hair. Sometimes we can feel we are losing of our femininity.

Stress, illness, medications and diet, just to mention a few, are triggers which may have an impact on our individual hair loss and gain. For any concerns regarding excessive changes please speak to a Medical Professional.